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Southern California Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Offering individualized care in one of the premier beachfront recovery communities in the world, Oceanfront Recovery is a licensed Substance Abuse Disorder and Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Center located in the heart of Laguna Beach.

Oceanfront was founded with the goal of providing the best care and service possible, at an affordable price, and in a location where both men and women would want to get well. Our clinical offices and residential treatment facilities are located in beautiful Laguna Beach, California. Set against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, our passionate, experienced team of clinicians and care providers creates the perfect environment for you or your loved one to begin the process of healing from addiction.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Oceanfront Recovery offers a variety of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Our passionate team of care providers utilizes cutting-edge treatment modalities and provides clinically appropriate and therapeutic tools to our clients. Our clinicians focus on bringing the underlying causes of addiction to the surface with a modern recovery program in a closed setting.

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Drug and Alcohol Detox

Oceanfront Recovery offers an independent medical drug and alcohol detox that is closely supervised by an affiliated team of detox specialists who utilize a wide range of medications and other treatment support systems to help manage the physical symptoms. Our focus at this stage of recovery is on making the process of detoxification as safe and comfortable as possible, and our physician partners have the extensive skills and experience necessary to accomplish this goal.

For many people, the thought of the detox process is so daunting that it prevents them from seeking help. But at Oceanfront, you will undergo a thorough medical and psychological assessment conducted by our seasoned team of clinicians. The detox process typically takes anywhere from three to ten days, and once this stage is completed, you can move on to the rehab program. Your journey to an addiction-free life begins with physical sobriety, and our detox program and compassionate treatment specialists are here to guide you on the first step down the road to recovery.

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Residential Treatment

At Oceanfront Recovery, we offer a fully licensed residential treatment facility in a safe and comfortable environment. Designed to provide addiction treatment in a setting free from outside distractions, our program is clinically driven by a diverse treatment program offering. We provide several different options for treatment, with each treatment program tailored specifically to each individual client, offering the right amount of support and care to get you on the road to recovery.

Our residential treatment program is fully licensed, and features a highly trained staff and effective treatment paradigms, all in an environment free from triggers and other stressors. Inpatient treatment includes 24/7 care, utilizing a wide variety of methodologies and both group and individualized therapies, as well as time for self-care with exercise, social events, healthy meals and rest. Our residential facility is comfortable and safe, and our clinical facilities feature the latest in technologies to help our staff guide you through the first steps of your recovery journey.

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Executive Treatment

The Oceanfront Recovery executive treatment program is specifically tailored for the needs of executives and professionals, designed with the necessary flexibility to allow clients to maintain their careers while in treatment. Because many of those who seek treatment at Oceanfront have responsibilities that can’t be put on hold or easily delegated, we offer our executive treatment program to allow for full engagement in addiction recovery while still being able to meet their employment obligations.

The difference between our standard treatment and our executive treatment comes down to access. In most cases, we try to limit outside distractions in order to allow our clients to focus completely on recovery. However, we also understand that some clients may have certain tasks or responsibilities that require some connection – in fact, the reason many people are reluctant to seek treatment is often because they feel that they can’t take time away from work to get the help they need. At Oceanfront Recovery, our focus is on meeting the needs of our clients, and we are committed to creating an individualized program that not only allows them to be immersed in treatment, but also ensures that we work around their specific set of circumstances.

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Transitional Treatment

At Oceanfront Recovery, we are firm believers that purpose and accountability are essential to maintaining long-term sobriety, which is why we offer transitional treatment to all of our clients. Transitional treatment, like our other treatments, is individualized to provide for each client’s unique needs. This looks different for everyone, but may include group or individual therapy, as well as drug testing, outpatient services and our alumni program, each designed to help our clients stay connected and accountable during their first year of recovery. The same staff members who guided our clients through the initial stages of their recovery will stay connected, as we believe that the trusting and positive relationships established during your stay at Oceanfront Recovery are vital to your transition back into your daily life. Our goal is for each client to remain sober, improve their quality of life and regain a sense of independence – this is what transitional treatment will help to do.

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Oceanfront Recovery Program Overview

Through a multi-faceted approach led by a diverse clinical team, we support clients’ self-efficacy, autonomy and self-awareness. Our clients learn how to manage their own recoveries, and Oceanfront’s staff is there to support their efforts and to help them discover personal solutions that align with their morals, values, and source of meaning in recovery. The Oceanfront treatment program is designed to follow a continuum of care intended to address the individual needs of each client and to support re-integration into independent living.

“Something powerful happens when we put a group of like-minded people together who have purpose, love what they do and make a difference in someone’s life every day.”

– Keenen Diamond, Chief Operating Officer

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Alumni HH

So I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything you guys have done for me, I am truly grateful for the love & kindness that I/ve gotten since I have been here. I appreciate every single one of y’all. Oceanfront has become my family and I will never forget the amazing journey I went through here.

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