A Healthy Meal Plan is Just the Ticket to a Better Overall Recovery

A Healthy Meal Plan is Just the Ticket to a Better Overall Recovery

Healthy eating during an addiction treatment program is not an easy task. Recovering from addiction means making lots of changes. People with addiction cannot eat the same foods as they have always done. With malnourishment a big issue, healthy eating needs to be priority. A healthy meal plan is the ticket to a better overall recovery.

Nutrition Matters

Sometimes families feel it is too much to ask of a loved one to give up foods they enjoy while getting sober. People in recovery from addiction may eat chips, cookies, and junk food to fulfill their cravings. High fat and salty foods are also challenging. The brain does not heal on these foods and puts people at risk for relapse. Eat these foods in moderation and introduce nutritious options like nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies.

Sample Meal Plan

To help people in recovery from addiction, it helps to put together sample meal plans. This makes it easier to know how to create this food at home. Always focus on well-rounded meals that include fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, and proteins.

  • Breakfast: fruit smoothie with mixed berries, yoghurt, flaxseed, and almond milk
  • Morning snack: whole grain toast with almond butter and a hard boiled egg
  • Lunch: plate of raw veggies topped with grilled chicken and bean soup
  • Afternoon snack: fruit, cheese, or some nuts
  • Dinner: quinoa, salmon, cooked veggies, and green salad
  • Snack: frozen sherbet with pine nuts

Do not rush into anything in early recovery. It will take time to adjust to all the changes, including healthy eating. Focus on what can be eaten, not the foods that cannot. Eating the right foods should never feel like punishment. It should be a complementary part of a healthy recovery process. In whatever way this looks like, a sample meal plan of the types of nutritious, healthy foods you should consider can be helpful for recovery.

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