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Our Location

Oceanfront Recovery is located in beautiful downtown Laguna Beach, California. Over the past five years, our team has been committed to creating the best environment for our clients and their families to recover from the disease of addiction. Our experienced clinicians, therapists, case managers and wellness staff are passionate about changing lives and restoring the entire family system. Oceanfront’s care providers establish client-focused and informed care programs built on proven, evidence-based treatment methodologies. Having fun in recovery is something that we absolutely insist upon. The vibrant recovery community in Laguna Beach is filled with ways to connect and grow roots, as newcomers work to establish their lives for the first time and to heal from the disease of addiction.

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The Laguna Beach community is a relaxed, laid back and serene environment that is ideal for beginning your path to recovery. The recovery community in Orange County is one of the strongest found anywhere in the world for people to come and begin to heal from the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. The fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, cutting-edge treatment methodologies, one-on-one and group therapy sessions, and engaging activities and outings are all integral parts of the Addiction Treatment plan at Oceanfront Recovery.


Laguna Beach offers the most gorgeous natural resources for surfing, paddle boarding, mountain biking, snorkeling and scuba diving all within walking distance of our locations. Enjoying your life in sobriety is one thing that our team at Oceanfront Recovery always centers our treatment around. Creating this “Natural High” and displacing old behaviors and actions with new hobbies and activities is crucial for long-term success. The routine of treatment can become repetitive and frustrating, oftentimes including schedules that overflow with seemingly redundant lectures or group activities that can lead to client frustration. At Oceanfront, we provide an environment that allows our clients to learn how to enjoy life – sober.


The Laguna Beach recovery community is immense. With over a dozen support meetings in town daily, there is no excuse for not making it to a meeting. The community is strong and supporting, with the world-famous Canyon Club located near the heart of the town. This 12-step meeting venue features amazing gatherings and some of the most renowned and inspirational recovery speakers anywhere. Laguna Beach is a wonderful place to get clean and sober, and Oceanfront Recovery is at the heart of this community.

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Our Mission

To provide the best care and service possible, at an affordable price, in a location that people would find desirable.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in quality of care for clients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and to restore families that are directly affected by the disease.

Our Core Values

Integrity, honesty, transparency, client-focused care.