Achieving Happiness in Recovery

When you’re high on substances, it is easy to believe that the feeling of euphoria you are experiencing is the best it will get for you. The brain is stimulated to a point of near primal pleasure, and the body convinces you that what you are feeling is the best thing ever. However, this could not be farther from the case. In recovery, you see just what happens when that pleasure turns into intense withdrawals and cravings for something that is fundamentally wrong for you, and all you may want to do is return to that state of euphoric bliss.
Fortunately, by making a plan and taking action steps to get on your feet and enjoy life after conquering addiction, you can be even happier in recovery and sobriety!
One of the best ways to actualize your happiness in recovery is to focus on making life changes that will support your decision to say no to substances. Activities like exercising, taking up a hobby, or getting involved in community organizations are great ways to stimulate your mind and open yourself up to new and exciting ways to enjoy life, without the worries of falling back into old habits. Simply put, you will be too busy enjoying new and productive things to have time for the temptations of addiction and illicit substances.
Another great way to begin your journey to happiness in recovery is to remove old, negative friends, feelings, thoughts, and environments from your lifestyle. Seeing people and places that remind you of your old habit may very well discourage you from attempting to recover fully and achieving a life of sobriety. Additionally, negative stimuli may trigger feelings of guilt or regret as you remember people you may have hurt or things you may have done that you are not proud of. In these situations (which are best to try to avoid altogether, if possible), it is important to remember that you are not the person you were during your addiction. Instead, replace any negative stimuli with positive people you meet and experiences you make throughout your recovery process. Joining a recovery support group, seeking out recovery mentors, and willing yourself to accept your past and pursue your present are great methods to ensure those negative thoughts stay buried, where they belong!
Finally, achieve happiness in recovery by setting measurable goals you can achieve as you progress. Studies indicate that a sense of accomplishment is one of the best remedies for doubt, fear, or depression. As you accomplish more and more goals, you will begin to notice a change for the better in your psyche, outlook on life, and, most importantly, your general happiness!

Happiness is the key to recovery, but it’s nearly impossible to achieve while addicted. You deserve to be happy again. Call Oceanfront Recovery at (877)279-1777 to make that happen!