Activities to Enjoy Instead of Drinking

Drinking can be quite a difficult problem to deal with, as, unlike drugs, alcohol is quite legal and advertised practically everywhere imaginable. While avoiding the substance is not always a viable option for those looking to stay sober, there are a myriad of simple activities you can enjoy in the amount of time it takes to consume one beer.

  1. Call a loved one.

Most people get so busy with their day to day schedules that they forget to make time for family members and loved ones. In the extra ten minutes or so you save by not drinking, make the choice to pick up the phone, call a loved one, and catch up!

  1. Meditate.

That’s right– just ten to fifteen minutes of meditation a day could be all you need to be more efficient. Your meditation doesn’t have to be deep or detailed either. Just close your eyes, relax, and clear your mind of your thoughts and worries!

  1. Workout.

A mile is only 8 minutes, if run correctly. And if you aren’t a jogger, you could certainly knock out 50 jumping jacks in 15 minutes. Exercising instead of drinking actually equates activity with positive stimuli, and you’ll soon find yourself feeling even better than you would have with a drink anyway. Take some time to exercise, even if you just start small with a few stretches.

  1. Pick up a new hobby.

Sometimes, the web can be your best friend. Take a few minutes to research a hobby you may be interested in, and make plans to explore it in the next few days! The more complex it is, the better. This gives you something extra to focus your attention on!

  1. Begin blogging.

Blogging can be a fun and rewarding way to publish your thoughts. Whether you create a blog about something you love (like sports, music, fashion, etc.,) or simply begin writing your thoughts down as they come, you’ll find that clearing your head and journaling what you’re thinking can be a great way to spend your time. Additionally, your blogging may very well turn into an additional revenue stream down the road!
There are a number of additional activities to pursue, but the important thing is that you do something that will effectively take your mind off of drinking. The only way to truly beat an addiction is to train your mind to become stronger than its cravings and desires. For that, you need to occupy its attention. Soon, advertisements for liquor won’t faze you at all, and you’ll be in complete control of your body’s wants and desires!

Drinking doesn’t have to define your life anymore, and at Oceanfront Recovery, we won’t let it. Call us at (877)279-1777 today!