Alcohol Cravings Can Be More Manageable with These 4 Tips

Alcohol Cravings Can Be More Manageable with These 4 Tips

Alcohol cravings are a part of life for people in recovery. They take place without warning and can make management of symptoms very difficult. Alcohol cravings are manageable but only with some solid tips and tools under your belt. Find out how to beat the cravings one step at a time.


One way to beat cravings is by taking the cognitive approach. This is accomplished through taking inventory of thoughts and feelings you are going through in the midst of a craving. This also means analyzing the moment in a new way. This involves a person simply sitting with the thought or feeling, experiencing it, and letting it go. Some people use imagery, but it might also mean the person with a new image enjoys an activity without alcohol. This can be effective if you need to practice how to stop cravings before they start.


Similar to cognitive methods involving sitting with thoughts and using imagery to replace it, this is a distraction method that may help. Almost anything can be effective as a distraction for cravings like exercise, talking to someone, and taking a drive. Being bored is one reason people use drugs or alcohol. They fill the gaps in their mind and body with substances. Learning how to be bored in a healthy way without using substances takes time.

Flash Cards

Flashcards with positive notes and sayings on them can help. The phrases help remind you of why you chose recovery. Alcohol costs a lot so remind yourself what you lost in the process. Encourage yourself to stop cravings and move forward. By carrying this deck of cards, you have a tool at your fingertips to make it easier to remember why this matters.


Other triggers for alcohol can revolve around anger and stress. Stopping alcohol cravings rooted in these feelings may require steadfast relaxation options. Recovery from alcoholism means learning to use simple breathing meditations, yoga, and repetition of encouraging phrases to help stop cravings. If you can learn how to relax, you can learn how to navigate these challenges with aplomb.

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