Anxiety in Recovery is Challenging: Try These 5 Tips to Cope

Anxiety in Recovery is Challenging: Try These 5 Tips to Cope

Anxiety is a common emotion for many people, especially in recovery. Many symptoms like over-worrying, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, feeling edgy, and getting stressed about little things can become overwhelming to deal with. The brain plays a role in anxiety disorders, as well, since recovery has a lot to do with how the brain was influenced by substances. Recovery is about learning how to live life and deal with all the emotions and feelings. It is about navigating hard times. Find some tips on how to navigate your anxiety and find help in recovery.

Get Through

One of the hardest lessons of recovery is that you cannot go over, cannot go under, must go through. There is no good way around the problems that arise in recovery, the ones that popped up when you were addicted to drugs or alcohol, or how you coped with the stress of this on your brain and body. Eventually, you need to accept that you are just going to go through the paces in recovery and, if you stop fighting the process, you might find some healing. Anxiety is one of those things that builds on itself so don’t give into it by not taking it one step at a time as you cope with the symptoms.

Get a Journal

If you are struggling with anxiety, the worst place to keep thoughts is in your head. They will keep cycling and you may have a hard time letting them go. Writing about your state of mind is a great way to order your thoughts. Writing may also help to plan your day. Having plans can help calm anxiety because it provides a structure.


Yoga or meditation can be helpful when your anxious mind gets the best of you. A great deal of anxiety comes in the form of physical manifestations. When you calm your mind a few moments, you learn to recalibrate it to focus on healing and support the body getting the oxygen it needs. Breath work, simple poses and easy pacing in yoga can be helpful for anxiety.


Aside from yoga, the best way to deal with anxiety is to use your physical body in the sense of exercise. Moving and getting going can be really helpful for you to support navigating what is going on in your life and mind. Running, jogging, cycling, basketball, any form of exercise that gets your heart rate up can only be healthy for your overall well being.

Pet Therapy

One of the best therapeutic exercises for anxiety is working with pets or animals.  You may volunteer with them in a shelter, or experience real animal therapy with trained counselors and therapists. Some people choose to purchase a pet to have of their own that supports their being outside and outgoing or who just wants to be inside with them to calm their fears and worries. With some simple self-care strategies, people can improve symptoms of anxiety to live a more fulfilling life in recovery.

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