Are Opana and OxyContin the Same? 

Are Opana and OxyContin the Same? 

Opana (ER) is no longer in production, but it has had some damaging effects on people’s lives. Opioids act the same, whether it is Opana, or Oxycontin, and they impact the central nervous system. The reason people use drugs is to either get a high from it or relieve pain but become dependent. Medical opioids have a high potential for abuse, which is why they are only available with a prescription. Find out more about opana and oxycontin and why it may be necessary to assist a loved one in getting help for addiction. 

What is Opana?

Opana is a brand name for the opioid oxymorphone. This drug is for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. Oxymorphone is used prior to surgery to relieve anxiety. The narcotic opana taps into the central nervous system to reduce pain, but it may also cause dizziness, drowsiness, headache, or vomiting. Opana ER was related to some problems of a hepatitis C and HIV outbreak with the injectable form of the drug. Oxymorphone comes with several black box warnings, on the other hand, and has still been linked to an increased chance of overdose. 


The comparison of Opana versus OxyContin is challenging in some respects because the two drugs are very similar. OxyContin, like Opana ER, is an extended-release drug. The difference is that Opana is hydromorphone while OxyContin is oxycodone. The differences include:

  • Higher potency in Opana
  • Oxymorphone is used prior to surgery whereas OxyContin is used for pain management
  • React differently in the body

With both drugs, Opana, and OxyContin, there are similar risks including addiction, abuse, and overdose. When mixing, chewing, crushing, or dissolving the drug, they change how they respond in the body and eventually how a person reacts to it. One of the challenges of treating people for addiction to these drugs is finding alternatives to help a person manage pain without taking opioids. When a person already struggles with opioid addiction, they are not able to use those drugs any longer for their own health and well-being. Recovery is difficult because withdrawal can take some time and a person needs to find help for healing their addiction, along with underlying trauma, mental health issues, and other things they struggle with. It is not easy to work on this but it takes time and people can recover from drug abuse if they are able to find a supportive community in rehab, followed by recovery, so they can find their way back to themselves again. 

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