Art and Music Open Doors for Transformational Growth

Addiction takes so much away from a person yet art and music have the power to transform lives. Exploring recovery through art and music can bring so much positive growth mentally, physically, and spiritually. Explore some ways to grow with creative arts.

Breaking Addiction’s Power

Art and music therapy can help you overcome so many obstacles in addiction recovery. You can learn how to respond differently to life circumstances, both past, present and future including the following ways:

  • Personal revelations through art making
  • Learning to visualize positivity in recovery
  • Exploring negative and positive feelings through art and music


Music Therapy

Music therapists work with people to design a program that works for you and finds ways to integrate music into recovery for healing and health. Finding ways to integrate music into daily life can be a great recovery tool along with some of the following:

  • Supports relapse prevention
  • Greatly reduces stress
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Deals positively with flooding of emotions felt in recovery

Music, to be therapeutic, should be soothing and relaxing. Generally it is helpful if you track how music makes you feel and your response to the music. Drumming along with music can help cope with pain or emotional trauma. Learning to play an instrument can be a huge stress reliever and provide hours of enjoyment, social engagement and relaxation.
Art making is a great way to escape daily life for a while and cope with stress. Finding ways to incorporate art, whether it’s drawing, painting, sculpting or some other form can be very helpful in building a positive recovery. Take the first step in your recovery by finding ways to build art and music into your routine to find more peace and contentment for the long journey.

We believe at Oceanfront Recovery every individual has the power to create their own recovery experience. Our trained clinicians, therapists and staff are passionate about helping you change your life and restore your family.  We provide music and art therapy to help you transform recovery into a more holistic experience. Call us to find out how we can help you recover from addiction: 877-279-1777