Art is Helpful in Recovery from Addiction: Here’s Why

Art is Helpful in Recovery from Addiction: Here’s Why

When you admit you have a problem with substance abuse, this is the first step in working through addiction and towards recovery. Seeking help is the next step in your journey. You may be getting help or seeking counseling and support. No matter where you are in the journey, you need to communicate with people who can get to the root cause of addiction. Creative arts therapies can often be helpful in your recovery.

Art Therapy Works

Art comes from the soul of the artist. While working with any medium, you begin with a blank canvas. You begin to mold and shape your art in response to questions your therapist may ask or memories and feelings with them that are evoked. Your pieces of art will tell a story. They can be examined individually  or as a group. They may help you see parts of your story in a new way. Based on this, your therapist can help you address and uncover issues in the healing process.

Finding Help

You will need to work with someone you are comfortable with and who will be able to meet your needs. Find a therapist who specializes in Art Therapy through the right credentialing board. Arrange an opportunity to meet them, interview, and get to know them better. You may also encounter art therapy in treatment so you already have access to someone that is helping you learn through art. If you are struggling, you may seek continued support outside of treatment to help you process your experiences.

Art Therapy Benefits

As adults, it is easy to push the idea of playing with art and craft supplies to the bottom of the list. It is not seen as something that is beneficial. It is seen more so as something frivolous. Nothing is further from the truth. Arts and crafts have a huge impact on addiction recovery. This leaves little room to focus on drugs and alcohol if you are busy creating beauty from art. When focusing on the process of self expression, you become calm and relaxed, expressing yourself through art on a canvas or with your hands. The real healing work can begin.

Tools and Resources

The great thing is that tools and resources are available at your fingertips. True art addiction therapy does not end when you leave your therapist or treatment program. You can let your imagination run wild and let your artwork speak for you. The beauty of art is there is no right or wrong answer. Although the idea has been around since you were a child, arts and crafts have moved beyond enjoyable to therapeutic in recovery.

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