Avoiding Your Triggers Post-Treatment

Recovering from an illness like addiction is no easy feat, and while it’s a joy to look back on a successful  journey, it’s important to remember that past triggers can still have a negative effect on your life. In fact, studies show that even those who have celebrated sobriety for years must actively focus in order to avoid triggers as best as possible. Triggers can crop up anywhere, but keeping a few things in mind can help you mitigate their impact, and avoid them completely over time.
One of the best ways to avoid potential triggers is to circumvent environments where you know they are likely to pop up. Bars, for instance, should be avoided if you have struggled with alcoholism. While this in particular may seem like common logic, it is also wise to avoid other situations where alcohol might be present, like parties, festivals and the like. Of course, this isn’t always practical, because substances do seem to crop up just about everywhere, and it certainly isn’t any fun to isolate yourself from others all the time. So for times you simply can’t avoid alcohol, it’s important to enjoy yourself with peers and friends that understand your sobriety journey and will make sure you don’t indulge. If you feel comfortable enough, you may even ask them to abstain from drinking around you as well. As for drugs, it should be comparatively easier to avoid environments in which they are obviously present. The best suggestion here would be to completely avoid visiting local haunts and the areas you used to visit when addicted.
Another great way to avoid triggers is to cultivate a new friend group comprised of individuals that don’t participate in the risky activities of your past. Involving yourself in new, stimulating activities that encourage teamwork and collaboration is a great way to meet these types of folks. You’ll no doubt find it much easier to avoid past triggers when your days are inundated with healthy activities with people who don’t have any interest in substances. This also means that you will have to cut off old friends that still participate in the activities you enjoyed while addicted. Though some find that merely avoiding them works perfectly, be prepared to explain why you’ve decided to pursue new relationships. You’ll quickly be able to gauge just how many of your old buddies are actually real friends by their understanding. Many may even ask for your assistance in recovering themselves!

Avoiding triggers after treatment is difficult, but avoiding them while addicted is almost impossible. It doesn’t have to be. Oceanfront Recovery of California can help you get up, dust yourself off, and make the best of a sober life. Call us at (877)279-1777. We’re ready when you are!