Being of Service Develops Your Work Ethic

Many people new to recovery may lack general life skills.  Addicts and alcoholics are used to instant gratification and may not understand the concept of working hard to achieve goals.  It’s possible work ethic is something you were never taught growing up.  Addiction may have also clouded your understanding. Addiction tends to inadvertently promote laziness.  You may not realize your indolence when you’re consumed by drugs and alcohol, but your lack of motivation may be one of the things that perpetuates the cycle of addiction.  This is why helping and being of service in recovery is imperative.  If you are not moving, then you are stagnant, and stagnant is a dangerous place to be in recovery.
One way many people choose to be of service is by helping set up and breakdown meetings or get togethers. This could include making coffee, setting out literature, or arranging tables and chairs.  Simply being present and offering your time allows you to see how others benefit from the services you’re providing.  If someone isn’t there to do their part, the whole system falls apart and additional work is forced on a person.  This is just the same as the outside world.  If you’re lazy, someone else has to pick up your slack.  Forcing others to do your job is immoral.
When you learn work ethic, you acquire dependability.  People may begin to rely on you and trustworthy relationships will develop.  Taking on commitments in sobriety holds you accountable.  If you have an obligation at a certain meeting, you are more likely to keep going to that meeting.  Being of service ensures you keep yourself plugged into recovery, even when you don’t feel like it.  
It is important that a person in recovery practice humility.  When you’re in the midst of your addiction, it’s impossible to understand the concept of humbleness.  Humility and addiction are mutually exclusive.  The nature of each does not allow for them to occur at the same time.  Being of service in recovery gives a lesson in humility by teaching gratitude and appreciation for others.  When you feel grateful, there is no room for addiction to sneak in.  Graciousness and integrity trump feelings of complacency and lead to the development of an overall great work ethic.  Putting yourself to work is one of the smartest and most beneficial things you can do in recovery.  

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