Bust Out of the Mid-Summer Sobriety Slump with These 3 Tricks 

Bust Out of the Mid-Summer Sobriety Slump with These 3 Tricks 

Recovery from addiction has its ups and downs, especially early on. At any point, a person can find themselves in a slump of sorts. This might be due to career changes, economic shifts, changes in their personal lives, or any number of things. Recovery is not easy and certainly does not come without its challenges. Over time, slumps can turn into ruts, which can turn into triggers, then relapse. There are some ways to get out of the slump. Try these three tricks if the summertime is not just for fun and games, but brings on a sense of foreboding that all may not be well in recovery. 

Feeling Stuck

Growing in recovery means learning as much as possible and being willing and able to change when things are not working. Ruts can happen when routines seem easier or better than the alternative. Growth can be painful and challenging in many ways. There are some ways to get out of the slump, but it takes some work. You may be in a slump if you:

  • Feel less motivated to do the work of recovery, meet with a sponsor, or don’t feel like doing what is necessary to stay focused 
  • Not enjoying recovery meetings as much anymore or networking with them feels stagnant and repetitive 
  • Feeling disconnected from friends and support system
  • Spiritual life is stagnant or non-existent
  • The daily routine is the same day in and day out without much sense things are moving forward

There’s no shame or blame in experiencing this feeling of a rut because it happens to everyone at some point in the journey. When you recognize it early, you can deal with it more appropriately before it turns into relapse.

Getting Free

When you want to be free, you may feel confined to the same routine and not sure how to get out of it. To break free of the routine, you sometimes need to stop making time for others and focus on yourself for a bit. Sometimes life gets to be too much and it is time to step back for a re-evaluation of priorities. It is all part of the journey. Here are some things to consider to break out of the slump you find yourself in:

  • Attend new meetings. Find a group that is interesting and makes you see yourself and sobriety differently
  • Talk to your therapist. Slumps can be a symptom of other things like anxiety, depression, or other issues that may exist (and persist) unless you seek outside help
  • Prayer and meditation can be key. Leaving behind spirituality in the wake of being in a rut can leave you feeling alone in the world. Yoga, meditation, or some other routine with spiritual components may offer some hope and healing in this space
  • Stay connected to friends. The worst thing to do in a recovery slump is not to keep up with friends or family who keep you sane. Hit one or two of them up for friend dates in the park, go for walks and just talk about what is going on. They may have insight that will help you navigate the journey forward.

No matter how long into recovery you are, there will be slumps. Summertime can be especially hard if you are feeling like people are having fun without you, going out, and enjoying the warm weather but you are not doing the same things anymore. Get out of your routine and try some new things. Don’t wait to get out there, just go experience adventure and see where it takes you. You might be surprised how much this helps get you out of that slump.

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