Can Codependent Behaviors Derail Recovery?

Codependency is a term used when people struggle with substance use and seek the approval of others to find self-worth, validation, protection, and identity. Codependency develops before a person even realizes it has happened. This may negatively impact recovery by not making a priority of taking care of themselves. Learn how codependent behaviors can derail recovery if a person is not careful.

Fixing Others

People like to try and fix others in codependent relationships. Their behaviors are to minimize the issues to fix the other person. The other person is the only one who can change themselves. If they display unacceptable behaviors, then there is not much another person can do or say if they are not willing to address them.

Trouble Saying No

It is hard to say no for some people, while others develop good boundaries around their behavior and feelings. It is hard to say no if you want to please people all the time. Realistically, in recovery, focus is on the self, but it takes attainment to listen to oneself and others in a healthy way. Healthy boundaries are based in respect for the other person.

Feeling Bad Asking for Help

Addiction recovery is not just for people who struggle with addiction but those who want to face up to the hard things in their life and finally move forward. Sobriety is tough but people who get through it dig deep and ask for help. There are support groups and people who can help along the way. It is okay to ask for help when needed. Everyone needs help from others and it is okay to ask for support.

People in Authority

Effective communication and confidence support the notion that people in positions of authority will respect you more if you have the right focus. Building confidence takes one step at a time but it takes practice to do it. Authority figures can intimidate anyone but it all boils down to respect. People should respect you when you demand some respect and boundaries. If they don’t, they themselves likely have work to do.

Engaging in Unhealthy Relationships

The number one people relapse is the inability to manage stress from dysfunctional relationships with family and friends. Most of these relationships are lifelong and recovery is about taking care of oneself, not other people. Recovery is about preserving someone’s life. If the relationship is unhealthy, it can be scary to leave the known to go into the unknown. Unhealthy relationships need to live your life or have minimal contact.
Moving away from codependency takes foresight and fortitude. It may be difficult at first, but it is necessary to recognize the signs and notice if there is a challenge in moving forward from addiction to recovery because of these lingering behaviors. It takes time to work through but it is worthwhile to preserve recovery.

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