Can Exercise Help With the Recovery Process?

Just like with any illness or disease, the best way to treat addiction is through the combination of a number of different approaches. Research shows that exercise is one of the very best natural approaches to treating recovery there is. When it is combined with a powerful recovery program, support groups, and a can-do attitude, the recovery process is practically unstoppable!
One of the things regular exercise can help with is improving your mood. According to research produced by the Mayo Clinic, mood changes are quite common in the addiction recovery process, and using a natural, healthy method like exercise to improve your mood can actually speed the process in which your brain begins to produce those “feel-good hormones” on its own again! Essentially, the high from a good workout can replace the high you used to experience with a substance! Research indicates that about a half hour of exercise daily is more than sufficient to improve your mood over time.
Exercise also helps reduce stress, which is vital in the recovery process. If stress is not managed in recovery, it could lead to a relapse. Finding healthy ways to release stress can undoubtedly be a challenge, but with exercise to resort to, your stress relief options could know no limits! Many individuals like to participate in yoga, as it is a peaceful, meditative form of exercise that offers significant benefits for those that are interested in aligning their mind and body.
Regular exercise is also linked to a stronger immune system, which is definitely needed as your body transitions out of drug dependency. It is quite common to lose appetite at times, and to be more susceptible to illnesses and disease after recovery. In essence, your immune system was weakened from consistent attacks by the drugs you consumed. Exercising will allow your immune system to strengthen quicker, and can help directly prevent serious illnesses and conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, and stroke.
Finally exercise can also promote better sleep. Getting the right amount of rest is a big issue in the recovery process, and restlessness or inadequate rest can lead to stress and decreased physical performance. In fact, studies show that sleep could very be even more important than diet when it comes to preventing relapse and championing recovery. Exercising regularly actually regulates the body’s temperature, making it easier to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!

Exercise is perfect for recovery, but it won’t do much if you’re still addicted. Here at Oceanfront Recovery, we can help with that. Call us at (877)279-1777 today!