Can Foam Rolling Help My Body Heal?

Can Foam Rolling Help My Body Heal?

When you work out, your body gets tight in the muscles. As you warm-up and cool down, it is important to stretch those muscles and work out lactic acid build-up. The key to doing this is by foam rolling. It is also called myofascial release because you are releasing fascia tissue in the muscles. This can aid in recovery from muscle fatigue, soreness, and increase range of motion. It may aid in healing your body overall, just from doing activities of daily living like lifting kids, working with heavy lifting, or sitting for long periods of time at work. Find out how it might aid in healing and how to implement it into your daily routine.


Foam rolling is great for alleviating pain in the muscles after a workout. More research is needed but people who use foam rollers typically report less soreness and stiffness in the muscles following exercise. They come in all shapes and sizes, and with varying intensity, so it is important to look up proper technique for how to foam roll in a way that supports better overall functioning.

Pain Relief

Quite often people think sore backs are structural in nature. Sometimes they are, but quite often it’s the muscles that are tight, resulting in tight hip flexors, sore core muscles, and stiffness in the joints. Foam rolling the back can help, if done properly. Make sure to try these tips when rolling your back:

  • Roll vertically (up and down)
  • Roll side-to-side in line with the spine
  • Seek support from a trainer who can help point out the best way to roll tight back and neck muscles without harming the spine
  • Tennis balls also work wonders for massaging the lower back

Getting Started

Know the basics of rolling before you go out and buy one and try it for yourself. To exercise effectively, you need to know a few tips:

  • Don’t go too hard: if you push too hard into the muscles, it will hurt (a lot). The muscles are likely going to be super tight. Just sit in the spots that are tight and let it work itself out
  • Know the 10-20-30 rule: start with 10 second intervals, then go up to 20, followed by 30 seconds on each side. Make sure to do each side the same and work up to it slowly so you don’t over roll the muscles
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated

The key to foam rolling is to think about stress relief and meditation. If you roll at home, you can try it in a space with light music and quiet time to just roll gently and work away stress from the neck, shoulders, and other areas that feel tight. In recovery from addiction, this is important to work out toxic build up in the muscles, but also to promote holistic wellness so that you feel healthier and more functioning overall, mind, body, and soul.


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