Can IOP Treat Heroin Addiction?

Can IOP Treat Heroin Addiction?

Heroin is highly addictive. An approach that is most effective is being inpatient at a rehab facility that helps focus treatment on recovery for the individual. Another approach is called an ‘intensive outpatient program,’ or IOP. This treatment approach involves daily or weekly meetings with a sponsor and sobriety support group. IOP is often the best choice for people in treatment, fitting into a variety of treatment needs. IOP is ideal for people who do not need care day and night.

Early Recovery and IOP

Opiate treatment centers that offer IOP treatment often offer it in many stages of heroin recovery. This includes post-detox early steps in recovery. If a person does not have medical or therapeutic challenges that warrant the need of constant supervision, an IOP setting may help provide stability and flexibility during recovery. IOP is not always the best fit for people who suffer from the physical consequences of long-term heroin use, including lung issues and scarred veins.

Post Residential Treatment

For many people in recovery, the days or weeks after treatment can be challenging. Entering back into routines, like job or educational routines, can be overwhelming. IOP treatment offers a social support group that is crucial for maintaining sobriety. IOP offers a solid backbone for reintegration back into everyday life following a treatment program to completion. Newly sober individuals get back into the swing of things without falling back into dangerous heroin habits.

Seeking Help

People who engage in IOP receive treatment plans tailored to meet unique needs so their treatment goals can be met appropriately. These treatment plans include a variety of therapeutic interventions, including:

  • Medication management: implementation of psychotropic medications that benefit certain people as a complement to therapeutic interventions to alleviate symptoms
  • Group therapy: number and types of groups that meet vary program to program based on needs of participants. Sessions are led by professionals who facilitate topics of discussion relevant to needs of the people taking part in the program
  • Individual therapy: sessions serve as a time for people to meet with a counselor one-on-one
  • Family therapy: including family members in therapeutic setting to support long-term recovery goals

The full spectrum of care really depends on the person and environment but getting the right treatment is key to fulfilling recovery goals and feeling like you are able to meet personal needs in recovery.

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