Can Rehab Help You Expunge a Criminal Record?

Can Rehab Help You Expunge a Criminal Record?

 Addiction to substances can take over a person’s life. It can be serious enough to cause physical, emotional, and even legal troubles. Once a person with addiction craves the drug to the point of excluding other things from their lives, it can hurt them more than help. People with addiction and alcoholism will chase a fix to get what they want. Legal issues can pop up if they seek out drugs or alcohol and lose control of their behavior. 

Removing a Felony

Some people who experience legal trouble may end up with a felony on their record. To remove the record, it helps to have no other arrests or convictions, are first time offenders, or were under age 18 at time of conviction. It might also be for people whose convictions were for drugs and may have already served the sentence. With the trouble that stems from addiction, the completion of a treatment program may be mandatory, depending on the state. Moving on to have a fresh start is helpful. Employers like to see that the person is working towards the resolution of their issues and is seeking opportunities to take things to the next level in recovery and let go of old habits.

Moving Forward

Employment may be tricky with a criminal record but it is not impossible to be gainfully employed. It depends on the conviction, record, and type of criminal behavior that occurred. The court understands that once a person has proven themselves, they are less of a risk. The state’s court website in which the criminal record happened can give more information. It helps to look at specific steps to take in order to have a clean record. To move forward, try:

  • Seeking help with resources from legal aid where necessary
  • Speak to recovery support people to help with finding resources
  • Go into it with an open mind and open heart towards the process
  • Focus on the future regardless of whether it works out or not

For some people, it feels impossible to move forward if they know certain things are lingering on the fringes of their past. In most cases, courts understand and will try to help if the person proves they are not going to re-offend in the same way and have completed treatment. 

Notes to Consider

Getting a record expunged and having a record sealed are two different things. It helps to know the difference. A sealed record will indicate a conviction took place but no details are open to the public. Having a record expunged removes the conviction from the public view. This is the clean slate most people with addiction-related offenses seek to help them with employment and other opportunities that may come their way. There is the chance it may not come off the record, but there is still hope for renewal and restoration in recovery. Never give up hope the journey of recovery will surprise you with good things and bring lots of healing momentum in the meantime towards those personal goals. 

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