Changing Your Mindset When You Hate Sobriety is Easier Than You Think

 Changing Your Mindset When You Hate Sobriety is Easier Than You Think

Living sober and clean is a choice. People often put it off because they have anxiety and fear about what life will be like without substances. Many people who choose this option may feel pressured into it by life circumstances, hitting rock bottom, or family members who tell them it is now or never. Most people who take drugs or drink alcohol with addiction running their lives are not in control and feel they are, but realize quickly changes must be made. When you change your mindset about whether or not you will like sobriety, you are more likely to experience hope and healing in recovery. 

Sober Life

Sobriety can feel intimidating at first. Going through detox is no picnic but, at least when it ends, the person can feel back to a bit of balance in thinking through what’s next. It may feel like walking in a new country where nothing is familiar, nothing looks the same, and the rules don’t apply anymore. You’re not allowed to do what you used to do, so you’re looking around trying to figure out what just happened. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, everything’s changed. Trying to numb the pain is not going to happen anymore if the person wants to stay sober. They have to fill the holes with other things like exercise, positive thinking, and healing old wounds. While that sounds like a lot of work, it is necessary to peel the layers back and start to find a sense of center. 

Healing from Addiction

Even if a person walks into sobriety thinking they will hate it, most times, a person with alcoholism will realize their sobriety needs to be front and center. Changing the mindset from thinking it stinks is priority one. This may take some time and does not happen overnight. Not everyone adjusts to loving sobriety even ten years down the road. It is very hard to live a sober life every single day, but it does get easier moment by moment, bit by bit. Here are a few other tips to shift the mindset away from hating sobriety towards maybe, kind of, learning to like it (just a little bit):

  • More money in the pocketbook
  • Less personal strife and turmoil
  • Creating a new life takes time 
  • Happiness is not handed to anybody, it is cultivated by choices

The real nature and reality of addiction recovery are that nobody is guaranteed anything. Life happens to everybody. Loss, grief, trauma, pain, and woundedness show up in everyone’s stories in different ways. The key is to step back, take a long view of what is happening and try to put together the best foot forward to keep moving away from addiction mindset to a healthier, more holistic view of recovery. 

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