Corporate Wellness Programs Can Benefit Everyone

Workplace wellness programs are on the rise across corporate America. Companies are finding that it helps boost productivity and profit margins when people feel better. One of the first studies to show a direct link between workplace wellness programs and improved employee well-being and increased employee productivity was recently released which looks at the benefits for both employees and management.

Get Well, Make Well

Corporations stand to gain (or lose) productivity based on how employees perform in the workplace. Most executives want to see employees thrive but it was not until corporate wellness programs were developed that it seemed a winning strategy had been found that worked across many types of companies with measurable results. Healthcare costs and absenteeism costs have been going down with the investment of capital into corporate wellness. One of the reasons it is believed to work is because an employee who gets and stays well will make better products and be a better employee over time.

How it Works

Most comprehensive wellness programs offer a wide range of health screenings, fitness initiatives, nutritional courses, seminars, and more with a focus on stress reduction, work-life balance, and smoking cessation. Another way it works is by building cooperation and competition with employees. For example, in a corporate wellness program focused on weight loss, a person can be motivated to lose a certain amount of weight by a designated time frame to win prizes or receive special bonuses at work. The incentivization of getting healthy can just what some people need to kick start their own health revolution that sticks.

Wellness Builds Happiness

People who are feeling well, generally find it bleeds into other areas of life including emotional regulation. If a person loses weight, he or she will feel really great and that can boost morale and overall sense of satisfaction with life. A sense of gratitude may be observed in employees who discover a previously undiagnosed illness, for example, after a free medical screening to enter into a corporate wellness program. Feeling better overall can build stamina and drive to accomplish other goals, including work initiatives. Overall employee satisfaction can be very important for overall employee retention, as well, which helps the corporate bottom line when people stay on staff longer and serve in the company for an extended period of time.

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