Create Healthier Rhythm to Your Days in Recovery with These Simple Tips

Create Healthier Rhythm to Your Days in Recovery with These Simple Tips

Creating a healthier body, mind, and soul is hard when it feels like you just waged war against all parts of yourself going through rehab. Addiction recovery is challenging for the body because the entire body, mind, and soul have been through a lot. A healthier rhythm means looking at how to move through your days with health at the forefront of your mind. Learn some tips to reimagine your days and try to simplify things by creating healthier rhythms in recovery.

Get Exercise

There is a movement to ‘opt outside.’ What this means is to opt into exercising that improves overall health. It energizes you and leaves you feeling more refreshed and alive than ever. This can include aerobics, muscle-strengthening activities, and weight-lifting. This might mean riding your bike on a path or going for a walk. Whatever it is, opt outside or opt inside, but get moving at least 30 minutes every day for optimal health benefits. 

Drink More Water

Plan meals and drink water to stay hydrated. Sounds easy enough but it is not always easy to get enough of all these. Drinking water means foregoing sugary sodas and juices to help body temperature. It means getting your body into a healthy rhythm and getting moving towards a healthier you.

Take Small Breaks

Overall, health also includes emotional health and well-being. More than eight out of 10 Americans said mood and stress play equal parts on their body and soul. Life is overwhelming but little breaks help. Take deep breaths, stand, and stretch. Walk, relieve stress, and don’t let yourself be overwhelmed. 


It is best to put yourself out there to volunteer if you want to be healthier. Mostly, it is mental, but it is about gratitude, giving back, and creating a healthier space. Healthy choices start with organizing a weekly opportunity for others to give back or giving back for others struggling with addiction. It might mean serving animals, the elderly, or others in need. Create a rhythm that works for you and doesn’t hesitate to find others to join you. Social activities and serving others is always a good way to feel better and help others in the process. 

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