Diabetes and Alcohol Use May Be Linked: Why it Matters and How to Seek Support

Diabetes and Alcohol Use May Be Linked: Why it Matters and How to Seek Support

With diabetes, drinking alcohol can cause a rise in blood sugar. It may also fall, depending on the person’s metabolism and other factors. Alcohol has a lot of calories. If a person is following a calorie-controlled meal plan, one drink of alcohol should be counted as two exchanges of fat. Drinking alcohol may not be safe for some people who have diabetes, but it may also cause it to occur due to the high sugar content. 

Effect of Alcohol on Diabetes

Moderate amounts of alcohol can cause blood sugar to rise. Excess alcohol causes a drop in levels, especially for people with Type 1 diabetes. Beer and wine contain carbs, which may raise blood sugar. Some other effects can include:

  • Excess calories
  • Impacts judgment or willpower
  • Interferes with diabetes medicine or insulin
  • Increases triglyceride levels
  • Causes nausea, flushing, and increased heart rate

How to Find Support

Diabetes and alcohol consumption are not two things that go together. They are difficult diagnoses and provide a challenging path for the person who is struggling. People who have diabetes and drink should follow alcohol consumption guidelines. This includes:

  • Not drinking more than two drinks of alcohol in a one-day period
  • Avoiding sugary drinks with alcohol
  • Watch cooking wines with dinner
  • Wear medical alert for diabetes

The best way to avoid the issues around diabetes and alcohol is to seek help for alcohol use disorder. This is a challenging diagnosis that makes it difficult for people who are struggling with alcoholism to find help. They must seek treatment for both diabetes and alcoholism in a rehab center that understands the treatment of both co-occurring issues. There may be other issues, including mental health and medications, which need to be addressed, as well. The key is to figure out how to support a loved one while not shaming them but offering unconditional love and support for their journey of recovery. 

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