Different Treatments For Mind, Body and Spirit

We commonly hear about the physical and health consequences of an addiction. The physical side effects and the actual addiction itself are normally the focus of most traditional clinical style treatment facilities.
The more we are able to learn about addiction, the more we understand that the physical side of addiction is only a small piece of the puzzle. For an addict to have a great chance of maintaining recovery and preventing relapse, all aspects of their well being must be addressed. The state of your mind, your body spirit should all be considered when looking for the right treatment facility. Treatment programs have started to adapt the way they help treat patients to accommodate for any other needs that they have, to ensure they’re truly getting the help they need.
These physical aspects of treatment and addiction are the ones most commonly addressed. This includes treating the many side effects of the addiction in question, medical treatment for any health problems, and working to help overcome the addiction itself. If a patient is struggling with an addiction severe enough that withdrawal is likely, a medically-supervised detox program is often the first step to devising a treatment plan that works. Helping to clear the body of the substances that are affecting the body and mind opens the door to a recovery that extends past simply overcoming the physical addiction to a substance.
A large majority of addicts also struggle with one or more mental health problems, or develop one during the course of their substance abuse battle. When the mental and and physical aspects of addiction are both treated together, it leads to a more balanced recovery for the patient. They have the tools following treatment to recognize situations, people, or other triggers that can set them back in their recovery.
The third piece to consider for a well-rounded treatment program is how they help look after your spirit. It’s what makes you you; your personality, emotions, and your perspective on the world and on life all make up the part of you that’s referred to as your spirit, and it’s vastly unique from anyone else around you. When people go through some sort of trauma, abuse or a tragic event, that part of us can be seriously damaged, leading to an intense feeling of hopelessness about our futures. That kind of pain can be overwhelming and frightening, and many times, people turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with those negative emotions. Often, the person will fee as though they’ve lost some part of themselves throughout their addiction. Caring for your spiritual health doesn’t have to mean religion. The right treatment facility will help guide you through the process of finding out who you are without drugs or alcohol by helping you find what speaks to you.

Your story is waiting to begin with the rest of your life. Treatment is the beginning of the journey that changes your story. At Oceanfront Recovery, a treatment facility in Orange County, California, we believe that when you change your story, you change your life. Call us today for information on our programs for treatment, including our exclusive executive track. 877.279.1777