Do you really want to spend the rest of your life addicted?

The short answer, of course, is no. Unfortunately, however, if you let it, your body will tell you otherwise. When consuming substances, the brain begins to depend on these substances for stimulation and the euphoric feeling we know as a “high.” Over time, the natural hormones and endorphins that your brain used to create begin to slow down, and your brain substitutes these chemicals for what it receives from said substance. This phase, known as dependency, can soon transform into full-fledged addiction as you continue to consume, and without professional help, it is almost impossible to reverse.
Additionally, the addiction does not just consume the reward system of your brain and force you to crave more of a substance. It also alters the thinking habits of the brain, which can produce debilitating side effects like depression, schizophrenia, and more.
To be clear, spending the rest of your life addicted quickly becomes an option that is entirely out of your control, if you do not find help before things go left. Studies show that one of the most effective ways to combat addiction is to visit a clinic or recovery center for specialized, professional help. These centers are well equipped to deal with almost every type of drug and its effects, and for the ones that they are not, they possess the resources to refer you to somewhere that is.
Addiction is not something that you can see coming or sense before it happens. Everyone’s brain and body works in a different way, so it is wise to refrain from illegal substances period. In fact, scientists have spent years trying to find the definitive triggers that make an individual addicted, and have had very little in the way of breakthroughs. The simple fact of the matter is that drugs really do affect everyone differently. If you do, partake in the consumption of illegal substances, knowing the warning signs of addiction can be the difference in saving your life.
If you find that you crave the substance, have altered your priorities for it, or must consume it regularly in order to be functional, chances are you have already entered the dependency process, with addiction not too far away. If you notice that you have reverted to divisive means, acted out of character (in a negative way), or attempted to manipulate others in an effort to get the drug, you may be even further down that path. Seeking help quickly is the key!