Does it Matter Where I Recover So Long as I’m Sober and Clean?

Does it Matter Where I Recover So Long as I’m Sober and Clean?

Location matters to some people, but not others. Overall, when people look to get sober, they have lots to consider. There is no one factor to look at, but a whole picture of how to pay for it, getting insurance coverage, finding a suitable place to deal with the addiction and any other issues, along with where support is provided. Environment and culture matter for people who want to work hard on their recovery and focus on the intention of staying sober long after treatment ends.


Being surrounded by friends and family who cheer you on will be more encouraging than those who remind you of the past. Even if you are the life of the (sober) party in recovery, you don’t want old friends hanging around who use drugs or alcohol and may pressure you to do the same. After awhile, they may stop encouraging you and begin challenging you to separate yourself from sober friends and take the slippery slope downward. Family and friends who encourage your recovery will have a more positive impact than those who seek to keep you stuck in old habits.

Be Mindful of Trauma

Trauma from the past can come back to bite lots of people in recovery. Neglect and abuse can promote the use of substances if it is not addressed. Living at home or in an environment where the abuse happened (and is still rampant) may only make it easier to use drugs or drink. It may make sobriety more painful, but it is a good reminder of how the environment impacts recovery. When in recovery from addiction, it is best to leave the environment and walk away if it is causing more harm, memory, or trauma. Professional addiction services, law enforcement, and others will be helpful to the journey of healing in this situation.

To Relocate or Not

The only option for some people ends up being a place far away from home. This means finding space to get into an environment that has little to nothing in common with home or familiar surroundings. This can be triggering, but in rehab or safe spaces, it is a place surrounded by those set up to help you succeed. With pre-planning, it may make a lot of sense and be a good move overall. You may have to take yourself out of places where the environment impacts recovery, and check into in-patient recovery programs that are safer than where you left. This also includes an intensive outpatient program (IOP), sober housing, or a mentoring program that supports recovery in various ways. Sometimes, the more distance you put between those things and yourself works in your favor for recovery as you gain a new vantage point on how to live life sober and clean.

Only you know the best options for you in recovery. If you are not sure, ask a friend or loved one to help you make the best choice for your situation. We have a variety of programs in a beautiful place surrounded by water, beaches, and tranquility. Along with that, our programs support your healing journey with therapy and counseling that build your goals for a long-lasting recovery journey. We are located in beautiful Laguna Beach. Call us to find out how we can help you navigate addiction recovery: 888-981-4295