Does it Really ‘Take a Village’ to Help My Recovery?

Sobriety is not something you do alone, it takes a few good men (and women) to form a support system strong enough to carry you through. It takes time and hard work to repair the damage caused by addiction. Learn about family and recovery to discover why it is important to have a village help you and how you can find healing on the journey.

All in the Family

The reason addiction is called a ‘family disorder’ is because substance abuse and addiction impacts everyone. You are not the only person suffering through it, others are also under incredible stress. There may even be multiple family members suffering from addiction of some kind or another at the same time.

Some of the concerns family may have include:

  • Worry about overdose
  • Worry when the person is out all night
  • Cannot rely on the person
  • The person may be stealing from family

Healing Wounds

Relationships are often strained by addiction. Dishonesty and broken promises often follow the trail of addiction. Once recovery begins, it is possible to start reclaiming part of what was lost. Repairing family relationships is important because they are the ones who will help when it is time for recovery. Getting those bonds restored may take time but it is important to realize nobody recovers from addiction in isolation, it does, indeed, take a village.

Family Counseling

Family members must come to understand the nature of addiction and how to support a loved one in recovery. It can help to see how it impacts other people differently and how there may be similarities. Family counseling provides education and allows people to find a safe, non-judgmental space to address fear and frustration. Counseling can help the whole family improve.

It is never too late to turn things around. A village of people can help navigate recovery including:

  • Religious persons
  • Coaches or mentors
  • Family and friends
  • Support groups
  • Therapists
  • Many others

There are no limits to the number of people who can support your journey to recovery. It is important to find a way to move forward as best you can with the people you have in your life and where there are gaps, find a way to fill them. Ask therapists and friends where to go if you are needing more support. The key is to keep moving forward in a healthy way.

Oceanfront understands that it takes a village to get you moving forward in recovery. You are not alone. Seeking treatment for addiction is a great first step to moving forward with your life, wherever you find yourself right now. We will help you heal your life and set you up for success. Call to find out how we can help you get on the recovery path: 877-279-1777