Even if You Hit a Rough Patch, You Can Recover Your Flow with These Helpful Tips

Even if You Hit a Rough Patch, You Can Recover Your Flow with These Helpful Tips

Recovery is a rough ride for anybody. At any point, you might hit a slump and wonder what happened because everything was going so well. People find themselves in ruts at different points in the journey. Being in a slump just means that you may be in a rut and need some help getting out. If you get into a slump, there are some helpful tips to get out of the slump just as easily. 


It may be hard to identify just when a slump happens. It can occur when you are feeling like you may not be growing spiritually or emotionally. It may happen if you feel irritable, but most of all, it may be a subtle shift and you may not even realize it until you are well into the rough patch and need some help getting out. Here are some ways to know if you are in a slump:

  • Not getting anything out of meetings and feeling like it is a drag to go
  • Not feeling motivated to work with sponsors, answer the phone, or be with others in recovery
  • Lacking motivating to do hobbies or things you used to like
  • Not praying or meditating like you used to do
  • Having a daily routine that feels stuck, insincere, and unmotivating

A slump is different than feeling depressed or down about recovery. It is mostly a liminal space you get into when you are between two points: feeling like recovery is awesome and recognizing recovery is for a lifetime. It helps to let go of shame around it and start to strategize what you can do to recover. The key piece is to recognize it early so you can deal with it before it leads to something serious like a relapse.

Release Yourself

It is hard to come up with tips to get out of a slump when you are in that place. These tips and hints are just the starting point for you to get unstuck. It comes from a lack of balance and feeling spread too thin. Recovery and the rest of your life creates a huge gap in the middle where people need to define how they will spend their time and energy. There are things you can do to take care of yourself in the middle of a slump:

  • Meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a while that inspire your recovery
  • Talk to a therapist and make sure you are not anxious or depressed and need additional support or medication changes
  • Travel with friends who keep you honest but be sure it is relaxing and gets you out of routine for awhile
  • Talk to someone, including friends and sober supports. They may provide good advice as relief about what you’re thinking and feeling

Early in recovery, it is apparent this thing is for real. It can feel daunting, but then you hit your stride and all is well. Down the line, you eventually begin to realize all is not well and you need to recover a passion for recovery. Be honest with yourself about what is going on, track thoughts and feelings, and tell someone. Talk to trusted friends and therapists who will help you work out some good next steps for yourself. It may mean the difference between ending the slump and hanging out in it for a while and putting yourself at risk for mental health issues or relapse. Start there and see how you go as you navigate the journey ahead.

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