Addiction Treatment Facilities

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Addiction Detox Facilities

The Oceanfront Recovery Detox Facility is located high on a hill overlooking Laguna Beach and provides a safe and peaceful place for detox from substance abuse or alcoholism…

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Residential Treatment Facilities

The Oceanfront Recovery residential treatment facilities were carefully selected for their luxurious ambiance, tranquil settings and proximity to our modern and therapeutically effective clinical facilities…

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Clinical Facilities

The Oceanfront Recovery clinical facilities were designed to maximize usage of space in a comfortable and therapeutically effective manner. Located in downtown Laguna Beach only two blocks from the serene blue waters of the Pacific Ocean…

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Sober Living Partnerships

A sober living home is a place where recovering addicts and alcoholics live together in a drug- and alcohol-free environment. Often this is the best choice for a living arrangement after residential rehab, since the addict or alcoholic is among other recovering individuals and thus has some accountability…

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