For many of those seeking treatment for addiction, a residential program is an essential part of their healing. The residential experience provides a structured environment in which you can begin your journey of recovery — trained staff can be on hand to help you when concerns arise, you have easy access to your therapists and medical team and you are in a substance-free and supportive place. The Oceanfront Recovery residential treatment facilities were thoughtfully selected to become precisely that place of support and safety, with a focus on comfort, tranquility and relaxation. All our residential treatment facilities are located in the beautiful and vibrant community of Laguna Beach in sunny Southern California — close to the world-famous beaches along the coast. We have carefully curated a luxurious ambiance and peaceful setting while ensuring proximity to our modern and therapeutically effective clinical facilities.

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Your Home for Addiction Treatment

Our primary goal for our residential treatment facilities is to create a living space that feels like a home for the clients in our program. Home is a place of comfort, safety and community — home is a place you can go when you need to recover, to rest or to get away from the pressures of the outside world. Your home at Oceanfront Recovery is all this and more. Our beautiful residential facilities are extensively renovated to meet our high standards of quality, ensuring that each of our guests feels comfortable, safe and relaxed. The three homes — Nyes, Marilyn and Brooks — include regularly maintained indoor living spaces; secluded patios, porches or pool areas; spacious bedrooms; modern appliances and fully-outfitted kitchens. We provide these amenities because want you to want to get well, which we believe is even more achievable when your environment makes your recovery a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Our location in quiet, upscale Laguna Beach offers safe and easy access to plentiful outdoor activities so that you can get the fresh air and exercise you need to rebuild your strength. The Southern California climate makes our location ideal year-round — whether you enjoy pickup sports, surfing or taking walks through the scenic neighborhood, you will be able to fill your free time with healthy habits and hobbies. In addition, our staff members are available to make sure each of our guests has everything they need during their healing process. We strive to create a worry- and stress-free environment that is conducive to a healthy recovery, allowing our clients to focus on their treatment plan and rebuilding their lives.

Access to Top-Quality Care

Our residential staff includes highly-qualified medical professionals, behavioral experts and therapy specialists. We make it simple for you to access your care team with on-site individual and group therapy sessions and our strategic location near our detox facilities, clinical center and affiliated sober living homes. Our location allows us to provide every kind of care quickly and effectively, seamlessly blending your recovery and daily life. With Oceanfront Recovery’s residential program, your treatment becomes a natural part of your schedule, helping you transition into living in recovery and making it easy for you to receive the care and help you need.

Oceanfront Recovery also offers a full range of addiction recovery programs from detox to transitional care, allowing you to create your own path to recovery that works with your needs and your lifestyle. All of our facilities are located nearby in Laguna Beach, making it easy for you to move between stages of recovery within our programs and beyond. Choosing Oceanfront Recovery gives you the flexibility you need to create a treatment plan that works for you during your stay with us and for the rest of your life.

Residential Treatment with Oceanfront Recovery

A licensed addiction treatment center in Laguna Beach, California, Oceanfront Recovery is also accredited by The Joint Commission, an organization that certifies and accredits facilities like ours across the United States. We serve both men and women, and strive to create a sense of community and family among everyone who joins us at our detox, residential and sober living facilities. We focus on rebuilding your mental and physical health through our variety of therapy programs and by providing a space that motivates you to get well. We encourage our residents to take advantage of our location by the beach to foster healthy physical habits, and we provide a full suite of recovery treatment to give our clients the tools they need to stay sober even after they leave our programs. Our residential treatment facilities are only the beginning of what we have to offer — reach out to us at 877.279.1777 to learn more.

Contact Oceanfront Recovery today to find out if one of our residential communities might be available to you. We also encourage you to reach out if you or someone close to you is ready to begin their recovery or is interested in participating in any of our programs. Oceanfront Recovery is dedicated to helping men from all walks of life recover from their addictions and we will do our best to assist you in finding the treatment that you or your loved one needs.

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