Find Out Why Group Therapy is Helpful in Rehab

Find Out Why Group Therapy is Helpful in Rehab

Rehab is the best place to get drug and alcohol treatment. Not everyone likes thinking about rehab, but it is helpful for so many people because it is a safe space to be vulnerable and think about their addiction while healing their bodies. Group therapy is a helpful part of the process because people get to share stories, talk about their issues, and process with others in a safe space, facilitated by a trained professional. Rehab is the subject of television shows like Celebrity Rehab but it is not just for professionals or celebrities. It is for anyone seeking help for addiction and needing support in rehab. 

What is Group Therapy

Drug and alcohol therapy has not always included group work as part of the therapeutic process. Many rehabs follow Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to provide support for people with addiction. Some rehabs look at things from a different lens but borrow some of the practices they started which look at helping people through their mental, physical, and spiritual challenges in a group setting. 


All rehab programs operate in similar ways. The main feature is abstinence from drinking and drug use. To go without intoxication or drug highs for several weeks seems scary to some people. Rehab is there to help people completely detox and stop using drugs or alcohol. Success in rehab is usually measured by completing treatment. Completion rates vary but it is mostly about how a person feels after they finish rehab. Are they ready to go out into the world? Are they ready to maintain sobriety on their own without professionals being right there? The questions they have to answer include whether they are ready to quit for good. 

Why Group Therapy Works

Group therapy works for people who put the effort into it. They are groups designed for people to sit and discuss with others the issue they face and the challenges they are going through with others. The support is immense, but scary, for many. Whenever someone is faced with the reality of their circumstances, they are often challenged to talk about the deeper, more difficult parts of their story. They may not want to share it all but they are encouraged to share what is helpful for them to heal. It is their journey that they are on, so they will only get what they put into it. It takes time to feel comfortable and confident in what they are doing. The key is to keep going, one step at a time, and find a way to move forward in recovery that is healing.

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