Fish Oil is the New Frontline Against Addiction Recovery

Fish Oil is the New Frontline Against Addiction Recovery

Fish oil is good for your body and brain. It is also an important tool in improving heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil have been a popular addition to the diet of many people, making its way from health-conscious to the average consumer. Links to drug addiction are now being found that support the fight back for recovery.

Nutrition is Key

The supplement fish oil was used as a treatment for substance use disorder was considered by a leading expert in nutrition who runs an addiction recovery association. She believes the human body responds to certain deficiencies in a way that can lead to psychological disorders, including addiction. She advocates analyzing the person with addiction’s ailment or substance of choice as a starting point for determining which amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients were lacking. People who struggled with drug addiction were not focused on a healthy diet. They used the drug, depleted their body, and replaced those nutrients for a full recovery.

Studies Show

The research from where this line of thinking comes looked at prison inmates who were given a nutritionally superior diet to the one they had been consuming. Inmates experienced a drop in hostility, leading the professor to establish links between sugar intake and lowered vitamin consumption. The results can be generalized to treatment of people with addiction. When a person uses substances and finds balance, that means they may be seeking ways to supplement their diet with substances, not healthy foods. Behavior and nutrition are inextricably linked together.

Looking further ahead, more studies are needed but eating lots of fish will give you some of the benefits of taking fish oil supplements. It may be beneficial to do further research to test the theory that using a diet rich in fish oil among people with addiction will help determine whether they experienced a lessening of cravings and how to examine the composition of people with addiction for patterns and deficiencies. Fish oil is part of a new line of treatments people are looking at that include nutrition as a key component.

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