Five Mindful Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Health and Joy with Negative Habits

Five Mindful Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Own Health and Joy with Negative Habits

Self sabotage can take you right out of the recovery game and into risky territory. Your own health and well-being depend on finding healthier ways to navigate recovery. When you are motivated to change, you can learn how to move forward in life without doing things that are negative and harmful. Mindfulness is a key to stopping self sabotage in its tracks and begin to find joy in life again.

Know Yourself

Many people who get stuck in old habits don’t even realize they are doing it. Those habits can undermine success and joy, even if we don’t recognize it is happening. We want something but are not sure how to get it. Somewhere in our minds we are fighting against it and don’t know how to stop. WHen we stop being disoriented by our own bad habits, we begin to see how to make positive changes.

Know the Habits

Self recognition is key to knowing how to disrupt personal patterns that keep you locked into old habits. Some of the habits people don’t think are destructive but are:

  • Negative self-talk: talking to yourself in a critical voice or demeaning your own choices and telling yourself you are not good enough
  • Procrastination: instead of getting things done, you put them off until you create more stress for yourself. It is hard to get ahead when you don’t set (and meet) deadlines
  • Perfectionism: telling yourself that you have to get things just right in order to move forward. This can keep people from moving ahead in life


A person who seeks to understand themselves knows they are doing things that are harmful. The most successful people take time to think about what they want, where they are going, and what they are doing. In self-reflection, they learn from past mistakes and seek to make changes for the future.

Be Positive

It is hard to be positive when you feel life is throwing you difficult circumstances. If you don’t feel you deserve happiness, you may have a hard time moving forward in recovery. Letting go of self-limiting thoughts and beliefs can help you replace those ideas with behaviors that are more mindful and positive.

Change Small Things First

Don’t try to change everything all at once. You cannot make big changes overnight. If you sabotage your success, you are going to feel more stressed. The key is to find small ways you can change and find healing in doing small steps forward. Check in with yourself and create a timeline to get the small things done, that add up to a big thing, and note how it helps your self-confidence as you meet those goals head on.

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