Five Things to Know About Drug Detox

Five Things to Know About Drug Detox

The body needs to get rid of drugs and other things from the system. Detoxing is key for individuals battling substance use disorder. To try and begin counseling people with substance abuse while the toxins are in the system is not going to work. That is basically setting them up for relapse. Drug detox is a great way to focus a person’s energy on getting drugs out of the system, then moving forward with healing. 

Drug Detox Facts

When considering what the facts are about drug detox, it helps to have some tips. These may include:

  • Detox must be done before drug rehab can start. To get treatment and counseling, all the toxins from drugs must be removed from the body. It is a place to get great treatment and break the cycle of drug addiction. Just doing a detox is not enough and more will be needed after the fact to help a person recover
  • Detox is needed under the care of a medical professional since symptoms may occur during withdrawal. Each person’s situation is unique and requires individual treatment
  • The duration of detox varies for people. The process takes two to three days and depends on lots of factors like the number of drugs used, how long, and family drug history
  • If drug use resumes after detox, increased tolerance to the drug may cause greater dependence and even an overdose on the drug
  • Some people are not able to complete drug detox on the first try. It is okay to continue to try by going to rehab or finding the right rehab, and searching for a way that will work best

There are great challenges for people doing a detox. The best staff and resources can help with people who want to be successful in completing detox, then moving onto rehab. There is a peaceful environment for focusing on cleansing and healing the body. Over time, the person that is under all that is waiting to emerge. 


Withdrawal symptoms associated with detox processes may help people prepare for what’s ahead. It does not help to trust someone to take care of them if they are not sure they will provide the best care. Finding the right rehab is crucial. 

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