Get Back in Touch with Yourself with This Quick Meditation

Get Back in Touch with Yourself with This Quick Meditation

The inner light, or true Self, begins with each of us as radiant light. It often gets glossed over by other things but the inner light can either grow brighter or more dim depending on what happens in life. Learn how to get back in touch with your own inner light with some meditation exercises.


All meditation is beneficial, but this meditation has a highly enlightening side-effect. The void is where our true sense of self lies. We don’t need to understand that for meditation to be helpful. For complete stillness during meditation, this exercise can be helpful.

  • Turn focus inward to the void in the background of your consciousness. It should feel like pointing focus behind your eyes. You have vision but it takes another set of eyes to look behind that field of vision
  • Examine what the void is telling you. Get used to the fact there is somethingness in front, nothingness behind
  • Imagine the void expanding and expand it to cover your whole body
  • Rest in feeling your whole body is pervaded and surrounded by the void

By taking this meditation one step further, you may imagine the void expanding to the whole universe. You can rest in the feeling of oneness with everything there is. If you choose to do this part, stay on to the last step. The truth is, this nothingness is always present. This meditation allows us to get in touch with this side of existence. It allows us to get in touch with our true peaceful nature.

It may seem weird to get in touch with a void but you can take it one step further and move your sense of self into the void. Discover it for yourself and see what you think. It is more about leaning into a different, deeper understanding of a bigger piece of the meditation puzzle which may take awhile to get your head around. It may not happen the first time or even after several attempts at meditation around this topic. Experienced gurus in meditation can struggle with this concept. The idea is just to make space for yourself to meditate and enjoy the quiet peaceful place it provides.

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