Growth Through Creative Expression

There is a common stereotype of creative individuals as dark and brooding, hunched over a desk or canvas. The reality, however, is that creative expression actually makes us happier. The act of expressing that which we cannot articulate opens us up to a new method of communication, allowing us to show our inner thoughts and feelings through a physical medium.
Recovery is a journey of growth. We engage in a process of personal development that allows us to achieve sobriety, but also to take on a new design for living. Effective and open communication are tools in our recovery that aid us on this journey. Art, or any form of creative expression for that matter, offer us a safe space to express our inner self. We often find a sense of catharsis through the act of creativity, followed by a sense of reward upon finishing. Art as a form of therapy gives us the chance to enter into a process of self-exploration that may give us new insight into who we are at the core of our being. According to psychotherapist Dr. Joshua Miles, “When we are open to our ideas and thoughts, no matter how insignificant we may feel they are, we can explore them and develop a greater sense of ourselves and what we are experiencing. Creativity also matters in therapy because of the nature of the therapeutic relationship. A willingness from both client and therapist to test ideas and to explore themes, is what will often lead to discoveries and eventually positive therapeutic change.”
When we choose to engage in creative expression, we are entering into a realm of imaginative possibility. We let go, granting ourselves a new sense of freedom and communication. This process may allow us to experience for the first time the beauty that we never realized we were capable of creating, and subsequently, the beauty within ourselves that was previously inarticulable. Art nurtures the soul. Without creative expression, we limit our potential for self-examination and effective communication. As Thomas Moore, the famous Irish painter and songwriter once warned, “If the soul’s capacity for creativity is not honored it will wreak havoc.”

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