How Can Compassion Help Family Members Support a Loved One with Addiction?

How Can Compassion Help Family Members Support a Loved One with Addiction?

When people suffer from addiction, whether it be to drugs, alcohol, or some other form of addiction, partners also suffer alongside them. Family members, siblings, and loved ones also suffer. Compassion can help family members better support a loved one with addiction, even when their relationships may feel tenuous due to the nature of addiction. Seeking help to learn how to navigate the relationship better with a loved one who has an addiction can be healing for all involved. 

When Not Helping is Helping

Those people with codependent behaviors are often told to practice tough love on family members. Partners and family can worry about doing anything nice for their loved ones out of fear of ‘enabling’ behavior. Research shows partners of those who are dependent on substances may play a key role in helping their partner to change. Now experts are looking at partners and families who become involved with recovery as necessary to their overall healing process. Step back and let addiction run a family over is not always best but there is nothing family can do but wait for that loved one to be ready for change. When loved ones won’t change, it can be difficult but it is for the best to let it run its course until they are ready to receive help.

Finding Hope in the Midst

While loved ones may struggle with addiction, they might also struggle to love their family members through it well. They may push them away or enable too much, both are detrimental to their overall healing journey. New research makes recovery from substance abuse more viable than ever, to the point that they are finding out more about addiction but are still no better at treating it fully. There are too many areas that still need research. In neuroscience, there are breakthroughs that help those with substance abuse problems find hope. In understanding how the brain works, there are lots to know about substance abuse and its risks. There is also hope for medication-related issues that can help a person feel more functional while in recovery. 

The compassion from family comes from understanding all the moving parts of addiction: mind, body, and spirit. When a loved one struggles, they need to have support from all the people in their life and a compassionate spirit focused on their healing journey, along with those who suffered alongside them. There is something profound about walking with someone who has an addiction and is able to help them navigate it well in recovery. It takes a lifetime to learn how to handle recovery, but it is easier with a loved one standing beside the person as they go along. 

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