How Can Family Members Help a Loved One Stay Sober? 

How Can Family Members Help a Loved One Stay Sober? 

When people look for help with substance abuse addiction, it might appear that detox and rehab are the way to go. Substance abuse is complicated, so there is no one solution. Family members often want to help but are not sure what to say or do in support of their journey to healing. If a loved one wants to stay sober, they have to seek outside help and not go cold turkey on their own. People should encourage those in recovery by motivating them to continue living a life that is clean and sober, but learning how to do that takes time.

Recovering from Addiction

Rehab is one part of recovery, not the whole. As a journey, rehab helps a person get started, but the recovery that begins after is about setting a pathway to success. Recovery begins when a person is able to do some of the following:

  • Starts setting personal boundaries
  • Confides in at least one other person for support
  • Puts self-care ahead of everything else
  • Begins dealing with triggers in ways other than using substances

Supporting a Loved One

Sobriety is a journey that goes for a lifetime. There is no endpoint, but the journey can be pretty amazing. When a loved one steps up to support someone with an addiction, they are encouraging recovery in a multitude of ways. Some of the best ways to support someone stay sober include:

  • Not judging the other person but accepting them with unconditional love
  • Creating an environment that is substance-free
  • Listening to their struggles
  • Joining a support group
  • Encouraging healthy habits
  • Practice patience because they are on a journey and are bound to make mistakes

When someone has an addiction, they are not on an easy road just because they are pursuing rehab. Rehab is one step in a long journey ahead that requires support and healing. When loved ones come around and support them, they can reach their goals more frequently, and strive forward, rather than look behind at their past. Although bad things may have happened, it does not have to define them, or their loved ones, so long as they are open to sharing the journey together.

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