How Can I Have Fun (and Stay Sober) at Holiday Parties?

If you are a person who stresses about how to have fun (and stay sober) for the holidays, worry not. There are ways to enjoy parties and socialize without having to compromise your sobriety. You are more likely to relapse if you don’t try to stay focused on your sobriety goals so give these tips a try.

Jumping In

If you have been sober a long time, this may not be difficult but it can be challenging as it may trigger relapse. Once you get through holidays sober it seems like you can do pretty much anything but there is a lot of worry and stress about what other people will say, do, or think. You may have to decline offers from people asking you to have a drink and may just want to avoid parties altogether. The holiday season can be hard for recovering from addiction to alcohol because it is so integral to celebrations in many forms. If you want to go, you have to stay away from the drinks.  You don’t need alcohol to celebrate but it may feel that way in the midst of the party. Jump in and just do your thing. Don’t worry about what other people do or don’t think. Just be yourself and do what you need to do to stay sober.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is as old as the stars when it comes to doing things with everyone else. If they don’t know you are recovering from addiction or even if they do, it might be easier to stay away from the parties to avoid it. However, you will always run into pressure to use drugs or alcohol so coping strategies are better. People will make fun of what they don’t understand so just learn to say no or leave the party if it becomes too much. Be sure to take an accountability partner with who can help you stay clean and sober (and who will leave when you want to leave).

Celebrate Love

The holiday season is about having fun, celebrating family and loving everyone. It is about sharing, caring, and having a sense of belonging. You can do that without using drugs or alcohol. If you struggle with dependence, there are many treatment centers in Chicago for you to reach out to. Getting into good community with other sober friends will help change the holidays. It won’t change family or friends but it can help you feel comfortable, at least for that party. These tips can also help:

  • Arrive late to the party and leave early
  • Go to 12-step or recovery group meetings before and after
  • Practice what to say if people ask or offer alcohol
  • Learn how to be assertive in saying ‘no’
  • Visit family and friends instead of going to the party
  • Host a ‘dry party’

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