How Can I Have Fun at Night (but Stay Sober)? 

How Can I Have Fun at Night (but Stay Sober)? 

 Going out at night may be a thing of the past in recovery. Or is it? It does not necessarily have to stop you from having fun unless nightlife is triggering for you. If you are used to thinking going into the night is equated with drinking or using drugs, you may feel stressed to find sober activities that don’t kick up cravings and let you have at least a little fun. Weekends can especially be a reminder of what used to be, but that all can change if you find new ways to have fun at night while staying sober.

Social Life

Socializing with alcohol present seems to be a cultural norm. People often forget it is a drug that enters people’s bodies and minds, which alters the way they think and feel. You may be ashamed to think of how you used to behave socially when you were drinking or using drugs. You have not lost our ability to have fun at night, so much as lost the ability to use alcohol or drugs as the vehicle for that fun. Sobriety teaches you that it is okay to have fun without using drugs or alcohol but it may seem rather boring or tedious at first. Getting the hang of a sober social life takes getting used to, so don’t anticipate getting it right the first few times you try it.

Trial and Error

The best way to see if you are able to get out and have fun while sober at night is to think about what you normally like to do at night. Whatever you normally equate with doing on a weekend night, or weekday evening, may be out of the question, but there are different alternatives to consider. Depending on your hobbies and things that you like to do, you may consider trying some of the following:

  • Art and history museums, gallery showings, or openings. Getting out of the house should be quick and easy if you have access to these resources nearby
  • Check out a sports game in the community with sober friends (so long as this is not triggering to be around alcohol)
  • Travel can include taking a mini-road trip to have an adventure with a friend. When you’re sober, there is always a designated driver and you can go the place you have always wanted to see
  • Hit up nearby amusement parks that might be fun, visit an arcade, or do bumper cars. If you are looking for seasonal sober activities, research haunted houses or spooky happenings in the area
  • Challenge yourself in the fitness realm to find a way to get past a goal you have wanted to try in running, weights, or something else
  • Host things at your house, or consider making it a frequent gathering, that brings people together who love to celebrate sober

No matter how you choose to celebrate the nightlife, make it something fun and interesting. You might even consider staying in to focus on the stuff you want to do alone for the evening or just with a small gathering of people. Life after addiction is not the humdrum life you may think it is. Given time, you’ll be able to find a rhythm that makes it enjoyable again and brings you some happiness without triggering thoughts of the past.

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