How Can I Shift My Sober Mindset? 

How Can I Shift My Sober Mindset? 

Sobriety is a large concept for some people to get their heads around. It involves thinking about what is on the other side of addiction and getting into the right frame of mind to set expectations and goals for the future. It is daunting, to be sure, but it is also a new adventure full of anticipation and excitement for the person who shifts their mind into a positive way of seeing things.

Finding Presence

Drinking or using drugs will only end up in a person feeling like they are going through the motions in life without really enjoying it. In fact, they may not like it at all, but feel powerless to stop. Thinking about what is ahead now in recovery means finding a new lease on life. Living sober means being present every single moment and finding gratitude for each day further away from addiction.

Feeling Sharp

Sobriety is about clearing the mind and body of all the stuff that held a person back. This means no more waking up with hangovers or feeling sick from using drugs. This might mean recalling things from the past, remembering where the person was last night at an event, and feeling present in their own body. This level of clarity and sharpness is key to continued growth in recovery as it shows maturity to stay healthy and away from substances which keep the mind and body healthy. 

Relationships Grow

Healing relationships with family, friends, and loved ones is important for the journey. Not only to make amends but to realize some are toxic and need to fall away while others need to fill the gaps in your life with healthy, sober relationships. Being surrounded by people who have addiction will only keep you in the loop of being unhealthy. Sobriety is about mutual respect for yourself and others, including those you love the most. 

Sober Mindset Shift

The biggest shift a person can make in recovery is to honor their daily struggle and find hope for tomorrow. Sobriety is not an easy road, nor is it meant to be. You are growing into the person you’re meant to be, slowly but surely, and have lots of opportunities to grow healthy and strong. There is a lot of life to live in sobriety but it means focusing on the positive aspects of life. It means not compromising your values or giving in. It also means growing in the knowledge you are a new person every day you are sober, growing and learning new things about yourself and creating space to heal. This is no easy task and is commendable but it takes continued self work to continue this growth moving forward. 

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