How Can I Stop Taking Ultram?

How Can I Stop Taking Ultram?

Ultram is a medication that aids in pain relief. The main active ingredient is tramadol, which works to relieve moderate to severe pain. There are different forms of this medication, but it is believed to work in the person’s central nervous system to have an impact which changes the way a person perceives and feels pain. There is potential for this drug to become addictive, but if it does, there is a way to help a loved one stop using ultram for good. 

Ultram Withdrawal

Preventing addiction to ultram is not always possible. Some people become addicted to its potential to make them feel better. They continue taking more of the drug and consuming it until they are dependent on the medication. Mental dependence is also possible, along with the body. Some signs of addiction including cravings and a desire to keep using the drug constantly in spite of consequences can lead to an unhealthy connection to the drug. When the body and brain crave the drug, it can have consequences for that person’s health and future. 


The first stop on the way to quitting ultram is detox. Ultram is prescribed for people who need pain relief but new research demonstrates the addictive potential of this drug. If a person feels they have a problem with ultram, they should speak with someone who can help them detox off the effects safely. Consulting with medical professionals can help determine individual needs. Doctors and therapists can assist with withdrawal symptoms to prescribe medications to ease those symptoms. Attempting to stop ultram use without a medical professional may be dangerous. Detox may include:

  • Inpatient or outpatient treatment options
  • Evaluation prior to detox
  • When the body shifts into fighting off effects of ultram once it leaves the body, withdrawal begins
  • Mental dependence can be harder to detox from which can be helped with therapy 

Attending therapy groups to learn how to live sober is key to ensuring sobriety. There are many ways to live sober but it takes diligence, time, and effort to focus on living a healthy way in sobriety. Learning these techniques post detox is going to be very beneficial to the journey of recovery now and in the future. Every person who enters recovery needs to figure out how they want to live their life and stay clean. With the help of a detox program and rehab, this chance increases with the right amount of focus on staying sober and engaging in recovery programs. 

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