How Can I Take Vacation and Stay Sober?

Recovery changes everything. Your life is not the same as it was before, your friends, and even your job may be different now. Without alcohol, drugs, or addiction in the spotlight you are on the way to be healthy, happy, and sober. Life does not stop because you are sober. You may want to jump on a plan or boat and take a vacation to get away from the stress of life. Try these tips to seek out ways of taking vacation while still staying sober.


Let everyone know you are sober and plan to stay that way. Ask how you can get their help on the trip and set boundaries and expectations ahead of time. If possible, try to travel with sober companions.

Remember basic needs

Eat healthy and often. Exercise, get lots of sleep, and spend time alone but not all the time. Keep an eye on all your needs and make sure you’re staying balanced.

Pencil in fun

Plan fun things ahead of time to alleviate boredom. Create structure that keeps you out of trouble and focus on vacation. Whether it is golfing, snorkeling, shopping, or movies, find something fun to do on vacation and go (take others with you)!

Stay Connected

Don’t forget your support network just because you’re hundreds of miles away on a beach somewhere. Call the people who supported you in recovery and those who are still there for you. Find an online support group, post to your blog, social media, and even message sober friends. Reach out and ask for support if you are struggling with triggers. Find a local support group to meet with if you feel this will help while on vacation.

Timing, Timing, Timing

Packing your bags doesn’t transport you away from your problems. The obstacles and struggles of life in recovery don’t stop while you’re away. Plan a vacation after you have been able to maintain sobriety for a period of time, avoiding really early recovery. Plan a staycation near your home if you need to get away for a few days to think through things but don’t add extra stress in the early days of recovery.

Look on the bright side

Instead of spending your whole trip focusing on what you are not allowed to do, find some fun things you can do instead. Don’t think about missing out, think about opting in. Check into yoga, massages, and other healthy practices to keep you from focusing on people who seem to be drinking and having fun or doing something that triggers you.

Take your tools

Wherever you go, your toolbox can go with you. Load up your tablet, phone, etc with lots of ways to track the journey and make sure you stick to using the resources when you need motivation.

We understand that just because you are sober does not mean you will not struggle. Every day will be a new day, with its own set of challenges. Oceanfront is committed to helping you kick addiction to the curb and staying sober. Our programs and therapeutic services will help guide your recovery journey. Call us to find out how: 877-279-1777