How Can Mindfulness In The Workplace Create Efficiency?

The modern working man is focused on productivity and efficiency. Most self-help and self-improvement topics in regards to work has to do with being as productive as possible as efficiently as possible. We are forever focusing on how to get more done in a shorter amount of time as efficiently as possible without exhausting ourselves. Mindfulness creates pace, turning a endless string of sprints into one long marathon. In the face of an infinite to-do list, the practice of mindfulness grounds your focus to the present and gives everything you are working on at any given moment all of your awareness, noticing, and attention. When your focus is in the past or the future, you are not capable of being completely present. As a result, you are more prone to making mistakes because you are not acting mindfully- you can’t when you’re not giving your attention, awareness, and mindfulness to the present. Living in other time zones like the past or the future is exhausting because those periods of time are out of your control. What you can focus on is now, and now, and now, and now.

Mindfulness is a discipline to be applied forward

Creating habits is a matter of discipline. Sticking to a routine is a matter of discipline. Mindfulness is a discipline. All habits and behaviors eventually become so routine that routine is no longer a discipline. It takes time and constant practice to create that discipline and that routine. Much research on habits and routine suggest that in order to build one habit it is important to build other habits. Mindfulness is a foundational habit that can support the development and discipline of others. Meditation, mindfulness practices, and generally practicing being more aware creates efficiency in all disciplines.
Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a discipline. It takes discipline every day to choose not to pick up a drink or a drug as well as choose to cope with stress in an efficient way. Addiction is a habit that becomes routine. Recovery too, is a habit, that eventually becomes routine. Mindfulness is an extension and a system of support for the routine of recovery as it applies in all areas of life.

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