How Can People Prepare for Intensive Outpatient Treatment? 

How Can People Prepare for Intensive Outpatient Treatment? 

People who struggle with addiction may opt for intensive outpatient drug treatment (IOP as a compromise between a traditional program and inpatient work. Understanding what the rewards of going inpatient are can help a person make a healthy decision. It is also possible for people to prepare more effectively when they know what to expect. 

Schedule Sessions

IOP sessions generally take place at set times during the day. While it will not take up the whole day, it is something that needs to be scheduled into the calendar. People must confirm their times and work around it. When sessions are confirmed, it is likely people will stick with appointments and arrive for counseling and supportive services. Accountability is huge for people in IOP since they are less supervised than in an inpatient facility. 


Negotiating life on the outside of rehab is one of the challenges of recovery. Before beginning IOP, people need to take care of their family obligations. This means taking mornings or afternoons off work and family to attend sessions. Many employers are flexible enough to schedule a time so the people are able to attend. Some people need to discuss treatment with friends and family. People with children may need to arrange for babysitters or find a family to help. Making these arrangements are all a necessity for coping with the reality of addiction and healing in recovery. Family therapy is often provided as a way to wrap services around a person so they can feel connected and grounded.

Find Housing

One of the best ways to prepare for IOP treatment is to stay home during rehab. This may not work, but it helps to locate sober living facilities or other places that support the individual in getting rehab services and seeking treatment. This will also include locating funding sources for this. People should aim to find programs that accept insurance. This means ensuring drug treatment is treated like any disease model that needs treatment. Knowing what to expect from IOP treatment can be healing and keep the person connected to their goals. 

Being prepared for IOP is not something everything can do on their own. Work with rehab services and family to prepare for what’s ahead. It is an intensive program that provides support, counseling, and mentorship, with the goal of helping someone become self-sufficient in recovery long after treatment ends.

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