How Do Common Houseplants Cultivate Peace?

Plants are a great way to beautify a space, but they also help cultivate peace with a home. After dedicating time to nurturing plants on an almost daily basis, you may realize that they have more than aesthetic value. Find out which plants provide a sense of peace within a household and how to support your home with these leafy greens.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is probably one of the best plants to have as far as ease of care. If you love to give lots to others, you might find an aloe vera plant a good pairing. You can cut off leaves to herbally treat and improve skin wounds and aloe vera provides powerful air purification. It can help detoxify the air of harmful chemicals. As you repot the plant, think about trimming away dead pieces that don’t contribute to the plant’s growth. This can remind you of your own personal growth and pruning that which no longer serves you. To care for the plant:

  • Take advantage of the benefits by placing it in a kitchen or bathroom
  • Needs little sun and water so place it on a window sill for best results


This plant looks nice, smells wonderful, and is a source of powerful essential oils. If you are a person who struggles to unwind or practice self care, lavender may be a good plant for you. It is not considered a traditional houseplant. Lavender offers tons of benefits that make everyone want to have it around. The scent decreases anxiety and provides a calm atmosphere. It also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Take a few deep breaths when you are overwhelmed of this plant and inhale the scent before bed. During warmer months, move it outside to help it catch some sunshine. Care for the plant by:

  • Placing it on a night stand in a bedroom so it is one of the last things you see before going to sleep
  • Keep it in a bright area and water it when soil is dry

Peace Lilies

A natural purifier is peace lilies. This plant improves the flow of energy in a home and neutralizes harmful indoor chemicals. It is also believed to help people flourish mentally, physically, and spiritually. Lilies have a delicate and gentle appearance but are strong, and deep-rooted. They represent tranquility, prosperity, and solitude. Peace lilies speak positive affirmations into your life. Care for them by:

  • Keeping it in your bedroom or work space to balance energies
  • Find indirect sunlight and water once a week or when soil is dry to the touch

Plants naturally help lower levels of anxiety, increase memory and attention, and support productivity. They can be a creativity sparker as well for people who are feeling like they are struggling mentally or physically. To care for a plant, or any other living thing, is to take time to cultivate, see it grow, and support it day-to-day in a way that mirrors how we need to be tended: carefully and with lots of love.

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