How do I Address Past Issues With Those I’ve Hurt?

One of the biggest aspects of addiction recovery is the psychological one. More than anything, addiction wreaks havoc on the brain, and recovery attempts to correct this through detoxification, therapy, consultations, and discussions. At some point, you will no doubt begin to regret the things you may have done while addicted, and it is always advisable to attempt to fix those things if you can. Whether you manipulated loved ones, lied, stole, blackmailed, or worse, you must realize that your actions were not a result of your natural disposition. They were, instead, the direct results of your addiction itself.
In attempting to right the wrongs of your past, it is important to first understand that the past may not be pretty to look at. In fact, there might be many things that you did while you were addicted that you do not understand now, in your sobriety. Experts indicate that this is the point in which you must remember that you would have never done these things had you not been under the influence of a substance. There is nothing worse than looking back on the past and internalizing your actions. Yes, you did things you were not proud of, but you would not have done them had you not been addicted.
In reaching out to family members, friends, and loved ones, remember that everyone will respond differently to your attempt to make amends. Do not let this discourage you, however. The mere fact that these individuals are willing to listen to you shows that they have the capacity to forgive, and, with time, they will come around. Never attempt to guilt individuals into forgiving you, or to shift the blame of your actions onto them. Once they come around, the ones you know and trust often become your biggest support system, and it pays to be patient and empathize with them. Your addiction took more of a toll than just a few hurt feelings. For the individuals you may have lied to, stolen from, or even physically hurt, there will be several things that must be repaired before they can forgive you completely. Reaching out is just the first step!
Finally, it is important to look within yourself to discover if there were any underlying problems that contributed to your addiction that made you act the way you did towards those that you hurt. Many times, getting to the root of those issues is an effective way to assuage guilt and regret, and set you on the right path to restoring your relationships!

While addicted, it can be hard to see the harm you cause to family members, friends and loved ones. In order to right your wrongs, you must first get the help you need. Call Oceanfront Recovery at (877)279-1777 today. We’re waiting on you!