How Do I Encourage a Loved One to Go to Recovery?

How Do I Encourage a Loved One to Go to Recovery?

Getting admitted to rehab is scary for most people. Many are afraid to think of being away from family and making a huge change in their life. Change is hard no matter what, but communicating how hard it makes it worse for some people. Loved ones don’t always want to listen to one another, especially when it comes to confronting drug and alcohol abuse. Getting admitted to rehab provides a chance to learn and get motivated to become better. Find a way to encourage your loved one without pushing too hard.


Educate them about rehab so they don’t feel concerned about what to expect. Recovery is going to be great, and it will be hard, but you are there to support them. When they know what to expect from the daily stuff, they won’t feel so worried. Many rehab places have outdoor sports and adventure themes and times they can go experience new things like horseback riding or surfing. Although information on what they are going to experience will differ depending on the place, they should know that it will be hard work, not just fluff and fun. Their drug use is normal so rehab is not normal, but it is going to help normalize the process for them so they begin to experience recovery in their own way.

They Decide

The first rule of encouraging rehab is never to force the issue. Communicating the benefits is the best way to get them to understand how it is all going to happen. Ask them how they feel, what they want to experience, and how they want to notice changes going forward. If they think it’s their choice, they’re more likely to go and stick with the program. Ask them if it is something they will continue doing and why they feel they cannot go if they are still reticent.

Be Honest

Don’t cover anything up for them. Be up front and tell them they are hurting themselves and others by their behavior show concern and care but know they must choose to do the right thing. If you don’t communicate how you feel, they will never know. Chances are they won’t think it matters. Don’t yell or place blame have a conversation and allow feelings to be heard.

End of the day, you cannot force someone to go to rehab. If they are not going, they are not going. But you can try your hardest to get them where they need to be. If you want to help them, stand by their side and let them make the choice so they can learn to stand on their own two feet in recovery.

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