How Do I Get Dual Diagnosis Treatment for ADHD and Addiction?

How Do I Get Dual Diagnosis Treatment for ADHD and Addiction?

When people seek treatment for addiction, they likely are going to need mental health assessment to see if anything else shows up needing support. Many adults do not realize they have mental health issues, including ADHD and will go undiagnosed, along with addiction, for years. The negative impact can take time away from their families, jobs, and feelings of productivity until they seek support. Learn more about dual diagnosis treatment for ADHD and addiction.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms vary depending on the individual. Some may not be able to pay close attention to tasks they are working on, while they may also exhibit patterns of hyperactivity and inability to stay still for long periods of time. Impulsivity may also play a role, which can label them as young people ‘problem kids’ or those who cannot focus long enough to get work done. They may also be seen as disruptive in the classroom and get into trouble for this.

Turning to Drugs

Drugs and alcohol are one way to self medicate when ADHD symptoms become overwhelming for young people. As adults, they may continue this pattern unless they receive help for addiction. There is a strong connection between ADHD and chemical dependency. Symptoms may appear before substance use begins, but it may also be that some of it occurs after using substances for a period of time. Mostly, the symptoms are the reason (or one of them) to use substances.

Treatment Options

The treatment of ADHD and substance abuse can be a challenge for some people. Many teens and adults with the disorder use medications to help them navigate life. They can be habit-forming and some cause addiction. Ritalin and Adderall are just a few medications with high potential for abuse because they may doctor shop or try to self manage prescriptions and use. Over-medicating oneself on these drugs may cause problems, as well as drinking while using these medications. Dual diagnosis treatment, like with anything, requires a successful recovery program focused on individual, group, and family counseling along with treatment for addiction and recovery programs for support in the long term. This means working on medications, identifying the root causes and educating people about ADHD symptoms in the family to best offer support for the loved one.

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