How Do I Handle Rules and Emotions After Treatment?

The first thing you might want to do after treatment is to grab some fresh air and start thinking about how you’re going to get up and moving with this new life. The pesky emotions you feel may nip at the edges of your consciousness but recovery is a process. Rules and emotions are part of the treatment process. Here are some ways to handle those difficult first days of recovery which include balancing new rules and emotions.

Anticipate Coming Home

The mindset you come home with will make a huge difference. In the past, maybe you allowed your mind to convince you of things that were not to your benefit or health but you have that under control better now. Turn your mind to something more positive, rather than dreading the next steps in recovery. Give yourself a facelift to your family and friends by anticipating your homecoming and being more optimistic about what’s ahead.

Sleep it Off

Before you go do anything, get some sleep. Getting enough rest each night helps you be refreshed for the days ahead. Think of ways to recharge your batteries, replenish your energy, and allow your thoughts to have a well-needed rest. At least 7-8 hours a night is recommended. Pick up a book and read until you become sleepy, drink a glass of warm tea or milk, dim the lights before bed. Lights can keep your body thinking it is time to stay awake rather than sleep. Get your body and mind into a rhythm of the same time each night to optimize your sleep patterns.

Eat Good Breakfast

Just as the body needs sleep for fuel, it also needs a strong, healthy meal to kickstart the day. It needs fuel in the form of food to get the energy it needs to sustain the long day ahead. Coffee and cinnamon rolls won’t do it: go get yourself a protein bowl, some milk, yoghurt, or other healthy alternatives and fuel up for the day’s work.

Talk to People

Your family is the primary place you can practice good communication skills. Sit down and tell them what to expect in early recovery. You may know yourself what to expect but help them understand where you are coming from. They may not get it fully but at least you’ve tried to open the doors of communication.

Handle Negative Thoughts Better

When you don’t feel like getting out of bed or feel stressed out, you may struggle to get past the emotions that come with stress. Depression and anxiety can ramp up. Talk with a counselor, a sponsor, or other trusted person. Tell them it’s been rough and you need help. They will understand and likely help you find what you need.

Set your sights and goals on recovery. If you have tried to kick addiction to the curb or are struggling in recovery, we are here to help. Let us provide you with some services and a program that will help you navigate this challenging time. Call us to get started:  877-279-1777