How Do I Harness the Power of Om?

Every person on the planet is born with some innate abilities, including the ability to intentionally direct your consciousness one way or another. Transforming your mind from thinking to action oriented being is done by harnessing the power of Om. This small word carries lots of power and takes time to consider all the possibilities it holds for you.
History of Om
The ancient texts of the Upanishads say ‘in the beginning there was word and the word was Om.’ But what this means changes for people. Om is really a vibration of creation, a movement away from action towards stillness and back into action. Om is said to be at the source of everything that exists in the manifest world.
Beyond Om
Existing beyond the physical realm where we live is the mind. Thoughts are floating through our heads at a rapid pace every day and it is hard to stay focused on one for very long. Thoughts are one of the most powerful tools we have to direct consciousness by taking the stillness of Om and moving it into being. Everything has physical presence but Om is really all about the power to actualize attention and create. There is power in the ability to create something better for yourself.
Harness the Power
To harness the power of Om, you can create an ‘Om thought.’ if you want more peace and love, you can think those things into being. This may not happen directly, but by changing your mind to a state of positive, forward thinking, you can direct your attention to achieving that which you desire rather than waiting for it to come to you. Going out to get what you want is the underlying power of Om. Thinking about the positive mantra and taking action will help you feel better about your life as you water the seeds of your intentions by bringing them into fruition. To get started, try the following:

  • Sit comfortably on a seat, sofa or bed. Wear loose clothing that is comfortable
  • Become aware of the present moment by closing your eyes and bringing attention to now
  • Let fleeting thoughts go and focus on your Om thought. Let it go and stay present to what is happening in the moment

The goal is to transform your mind from one of wandering to one of peace, where you can think many things but only focus on one or two good thoughts and bring yourself to a higher level of consciousness while still seeking the bliss and peace you crave.

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